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“Look within. Within is the fountain of good, and it will ever bubble up, if thou wilt ever dig. “

Marcus Aurelius

For genuine self-explorers who’d like to try new things...

ARCHETYPAL SOUL MAP are individual dance-movement meetings that take you on a journey of casting your own individual archetypal wheel of personal 12 archetypes and learn about your SACRED CONTRACTS.

Your 12 personal archetypes contain the clues that will help you answer questions like:

  • What is the purpose of my life?
  • How do I redesign my life to be congruent with who I really am?
  • Why do I always get stuck with this kind of person, situation, or job?
  • What is stopping me from having what I really want in my life?
  • How can I make better decisions to feel healthier, more joyful and more in alignment with my inner essence?

A unique program tailored according to your needs, that offers in-depth insight into yourself and raise awareness of your core behavioral patterns that drive your life.

When I first read Caroline Myss's Sacred Contracts, I immediately tried the method on myself. Astrology has always been close to me, as well as the world of symbolism and myth has attracted me from my childhood. When I outlined my first archetypal wheel I made all possible beginner’s mistakes in the process.

The first pitfall I encountered when choosing from the list of described archetypes, was that I depicted the archetypes that attracted me and were the 'wanna be archetype' category; something I DESIRED TO BE and BECOME rather than WHAT I TRULY WAS.

It took me few years of deeper digging to reach greater understanding.

F.e: I chose the medicine archetype because alternative approaches to healing are close to me and because I have great admiration and respect for people involved in alternative medicine. Also other people have told me for many times that I have healing abilities, that my dance sessions have healing powers. However, it turned out that I am not a healer. The healing effect is triggered in some of my workshops by participants themselves, which I consider as a normal side effect, since the body stores memories, emotions and energy blocks that are easily provoked and released through movement. However, it is not my mission and purpose to heal people’s emotional wounds in my workshops. I’m just providing and creating a safe space, where you can express yourself authentically and deeply through movement and dance. Through intense self-examination and diary writing, it turned out that I was in fact a passionate researcher, artist, and good mentor. And this combination of archetypes serve me in a way that I can guide you through an expressive artistic experience, while also provide you with knowledgeable tools in a playful way that encourage you to self-examine and initiate your own exploration of inner self.

Sandra Anais

Sandra did a very good job in preparing me for the challenges of the year 2016 with her astro charts interpretation in the surroundings of the incredible beautiful nature of Bali. As she had predicted my main focus this year is really very much on my professional development. Very helpful was her advise to accept that my most creative moments strike me like flashes and I always should be prepared with paper and pen to document thoughts and ideas coming up in such moments…

Thanks so much Sandra for your empathetic consultation


Bali 2016


Feeling a bit confused lately, lacking your inner compass?

In a need of a deeper insight of who you really are?

If the answers to these questions are yes, then you need to express your archetypal energies through movement & dance and this artistic interpretation of your astrological chart, together with dancing, will benefit you greatly. In these individual sessions I integrate the knowledge of archetypes, astrology and movement. I facilitate space & time for you to find your own personal archetypes and connect them with your astrological natal chart. I will offer you astrological interpretation through the eyes of an artist Throughout this process, we will creatively translate your chart into artistic expression through movement and dance.


  • Deeper insight into your current problems and will illuminate your gifts and talents. You will look on events and relationships in your life with refreshed eyes and find purposeful meaning
  • By going through extensive self-exploration you will understand better why you have blockages in certain fields of life and which fields need greater investment of energy and attention in coming months
  • With my support your perspectives will possibly change and you might discover new and inventive solutions to current problems.
  • You will get holistic report on your life potentials and obstacles that prevent you from expanding further as well as you will get familiar with your prevailing archetype (myth) that is manifesting at the moment.
  • By movement sessions you will internalize and embody written information (behavioral characteristics and moving habits..) and I will provide you with different solutions to change repeating patterns
  • Through improvisational movement and meditative dance tasks you will improve diversity of organic movement paths in your body, which will result in greater understanding of psychological process through direct embodied experience

To learn more about what is an Archetype, what are Sacred Contracts, who is Caroline Myss and why we need Embodiment of Archetypes please check out our FAQ section.

Sandra's unique practice and gentle guidance allowed me to dive deeper into the essence. The medium and the way of combining them helped me opening a new dimension in dance.

Alexey Dmitrenko

Professional dancer - Russia

Sandra's astro-reading was very insightful, outlining both my resources, strengths and weaknesses and giving me tips on how to overcome the hardships and obstacles in my life path as well as pointing out who will support me in this respect. This has helped me try to channel and focus my efforts into the areas which I needed to work on and I feel I am currently closer to reaching my development plans and goals.

Alexandra Foo See

employed at Mediafax - a news and photography service

Balance and harmonize your body, mind and spirit



  • 1h / €46, Covid -19 discount 36€
  • *I'll contact you for 30 min meeting session prior the reading to draft the details


  • 1h / €66, Covid -19 discount €56


  • 2h / €106, Covid -19 discount €96


  • 2h / €136, Covid -19 discount €126

*30 min meeting session prior to interpretation is required

PERSONAL SOUL MAP (50h program with movement sessions - scroll down for content)**

  • Acknowledging your 12 personal archetypes
  • 50h / €1.960 + costs of renting space, Covid -19 discount €1200
  • ALSO POSSIBLE 4-6 MONTHS PAYMENT PLAN - contact me for further details


  • 2,5h / €136, ovid -19 discount €126


What wisdom is hidden in one of these survivor's archetype?

This video is a short free edition and contains suggestions on how to embody and dance your inner victim and warrior.

FULL VIDEO CONTENTIntroduction Exercise nr.1: Disempowerment Exercise nr.2: Passivity Exercise nr.3: Inappropriate actions Exercise nr.4: Inner warrior - "Taking the Bottle"Exercise nr.5: Inner warrior - "Establishing boundaries- Conquering Space"

GET A FULL VERSION (36minutes, with 5 exercises) FOR ONLY 12€


Exploring the archetype of a child is a journey that teach us about responsibility and innocence.

FULL VIDEO CONTENT: Exercise Nr.1: Embodiment of Innocent and Playful ChildExercise Nr.2: Happy FeetExercise Nr.3: Mirror

GET A FULL VERSION (20minutes, with 3 exercises) FOR ONLY 26€


This video is a short free edition and demonstrates the embodiment of higher vibration of saboteur archetype - manifestation of magician as priest and magician as improviser.

FULL VIDEO CONTENT: Exercise Nr.1: Sabotaging your actions Exercise Nr.2: Excuses for sabotage Exercise Nr.3: Shadowy side of your saboteur Exercise Nr.4: Journey to higher vibration - Magician as Intuitive Healer1 - Self massage exercises Exercise Nr.5: Magician as Intuitive Healer2 - Self massage exercises Exercise Nr.6: Magician as Priest - Ritual Exercise Nr.7: Magician as Improviser Exercise Nr.8: Magician as Shapeshifter - Impossible touch Exercise Nr.9: Magician as Visionary and Alchemist - Trace

GET A FULL VERSION (50minutes, with 9 exercises) FOR ONLY 36€


One of survivor's archetype of a prostitute is a journey that teaches us about our fears regarding physical survival, trains our skills of seduction and challenges our capacity to negotiate with our soul.

FULL VIDEO CONTENT: Exercise Nr.1: Embodiment of Prostitute - SeductionExercise Nr.2: Creating a small danceExercise Nr.3: Journey to a Lover archetype: Creating a sacred space by setting up an altar and singing to OxumExercise Nr.4: Loving yourself first - Warming up by gentle self-massageExercise Nr.5: Warm up with extensive breathing & empowering the qi (female-water, masculine-fire)Exercise Nr.6: Trust: Creating one space,one body, clear communication, follow and letting goExercise Nr.7: Trust: Playground for opening the senses: smell, touch, taste, hearExercise Nr.8: Trust: Developing your own small dance by integrating all the sensationsExercise Nr.9: Trust: Permission to enter the holy space of other - Spine awakeningExercise Nr.10: Trust: Establishing playful and sensual duet

GET A FULL VERSION (2h5minutes, with 10 exercises) FOR ONLY 50€

For all, who already worked with me individually or at 3-days workshops, I offer 20% discount on all packages and programs

If you feel that the journey into the world of archetypes at this moment for you is irresistible, that this work can really help you along the path of self-realization, and only your financial situation is an obstacle for you, write to me so we can find a solution together.


  • All sessions can be facilitated through Skype, Zoom or personally in studio (cost of renting a studio are extra charged)
  • I am also happy to travel and offer you live workshops or you can organize group sessions in your home town. But I'll need to have my travel and accommodation expenses covered.
  • Movement sessions upon agreement. I can rent a studio, I can offer session at your home or we can arrange video session through Skype or Zoom.
  • Program Personal Soul Map may take at least 3 months up to 1 year of self examination - depends on how much previous knowledge and work on archetypes have you gone through, on which level of consciousness you are and how much time you have to dedicate. But if you are willing to give 3 -5 hours weekly, you can arrive to the results in about 3 months.
  • You can also order a single workshop from the list of contents, according to your needs and interest.


50 hour program with movement sessions

You will work on yourself mostly and come to understanding about your own archetypal energies, getting familiar with personal 12 archetypes that has been with you through all your life. It is a journey inwards to get insights into your Sacred Contracts. It is truly useful and wonderful tool, because it doesn't leave you on the level of self- analysis, but it is helpful for further transformational journeys that help you get insights into particular issues. The essential part of this work is to understand that you can not embark to a path of transformation without having been 100% sure about choice of your personal 12archetypes, which are the base & main pillars for participating in 3 wheels of consciousness : Chronos, Kairos, Cosmos. We will dance through all archetypes, only with a focus and concentration to help you distinguish differences between them and to feel for yourself which one is truly yours. The content of the program consists of the 10 workshops in which archetypas are divided into families and final sessions in which we dance your personal Chart of Origin - Archetypes in your Astrological Houses. You also get insights into your Sacred Contracts and write down interpretations for each archetypal landing in the house.

I realized a new dimension of personal perception of this sacred world around us. It was the first time I systematically went into exploring my personality traits in a very useful way and I think I now have an immediate“soul” map that I can turn to in the moment when I need orientation. For the most part, I find that the greatest value of your program lies in the use of dance that really comes across archetypes. In this way, everything has touched me in more and more personal way. A unique and easier way to internalize and remember than if you just stuck your head in the paper.

Nana Žargi

Designer and hypnotherapist - Ljubljana


Survivor's Archetypes : Child & Negotiator

Personal journey to establish your inner Sovereign and Lover

What is my dream?” ... your inner child wonders. How many times in your life did you forget the importance of keeping your dreams alive and allowing yourself to follow them? ...

Through movement games and dance, you will first discover whether you are an eternal, innocent, wounded, magical, divine, natural, abandoned or perhaps a "parent" child. We will then journey inwards to establish a higher vibration of a child archetype - your inner sovereign who teaches your inner child how to become responsible and how to maintain genuine innocence.

Through the embodiment of the negotiator, you will truly feel the power of negotiation and seduction, which many times leads you away from your path or dreams and tests your integrity. “What do I feel?” ... will be a leading question for establishing a higher vibration - an inner lover who teaches you how to surrender and maintain eternal faith.

Survivor's Archetypes : Victim & Saboteur

Personal journey to establish your inner Warrior and Magician

Do you feel like you've lost control of certain parts of your life? And that there is something / someone that threatens your happiness and peace?Do you feel like ....

these people or your life in general owe you something?When such and similar questions arise in you, you are in the grip of the victim archetype, which teaches you how to set and protect personal boundaries. The victim archetype is at work even when you are always feeling tired, unsupported, “down”, and you think your complaining is justified. Through movement games and dance, in this workshop you will feel and dance out your inner victim, and then you will journey inward to establish and embrace your inner warrior who gives the victim a positive charge, courage and strength. The workshop will also introduce and embody the saboteur archetype that puts your thinking and attitudes of success to the forefront, and thus the power of your confidence. We will journey inward in the embodiment of victim's higher vibration - the archetype of magician who is master of illusions and helps you overcome the negative aspects of the saboteur and create a path where you experience chaos is in your life.

Embodiment of male archetypes

King, Prince, Father, Knight , Warrior, Lover & Don Juan, Fool

"A hero is born among a hundred, a wise man is found among a thousand, but an accomplished one might not be found even among a hundred thousand men. “ Plato

In this session, you will learn about male archetypes, which represent the different life cycles each man travels through...

...and at the same time these archetypal energies are also present in a woman. The transition from adolescence to adulthood requires from boys to encounter the complex propositions of these male archetypes that affect their psychological attitude and behavior, but only one archetypal pattern is dominant and the rest significantly influence the uniqueness of the archetypal manifestation and serve as important companions and supporters at life's turning points.Together, we will bring to light, through embodiment, what are the fundamental differences in the mode of action and behavior of these male archetypes and research if there is one prevailing as a consistent pattern in your life.

Embodiment of Wild Archetypes

Trickster, Provocateur, Wizard, Inventor, Improviser, Vampire, Shape-Shifter, Beggar, Consumer, Addict, Thief, Pirate

What archetypes such as trickster, provocateur, wizard, inventor, improviser, vampire, shape-shifter, beggar, addict, thief, pirate and consumer have in common? Immutability, madness, intensity, special powers and skills, magnetism .... Extremism, lack of self-control and a kind of imbalance in reciprocal process of giving and receiving. But also acting outside of social norms - naturally born non conformists.

There are periods in life when everything is too much. We eat too much, we spend too much, we work too much, we enjoy too much, we rely too much on luck on behalf of effort ... But there are also periods, when we dream, fantasize and "enchant" our reality. We feel the power of our words as spells. We speechlessly observe the reality around us as it is delivered and are surprised and shocked by the chaos, unpredictability, and wonder of life. We are amazed. We feel deceived, even though we ourselves also innocently and sometimes consciously deceive others. We are full of tricks. In this workshop we will be introduced to archetypes, which at first glance may be a little bit frightening because they seem saturated with negative charge, so we will take a look on how their positive characteristics can manifest and through embodiment become our allies.

Embodiment of Female Archetypes

Mother, Queen, Goddess, Damsel and Virgin

“The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it.” Roseanne Barr

Do you like to nurture and care for others? Do you require things to work out your way and are you always in charge? Do you put creativity at the center of your life mission? Are you always waiting for others to support you and help you along the way?

Is your most important value personal independence in all aspects and original ideas? In this workshop, we will learn about female archetypes, which represent the different life cycles each woman travels through, and at the same time these archetypal energies can also be present in a man. The transition from adolescence to adulthood requires girls to encounter the complex intertwining of these female archetypes that affect their psychological attitude and behavior, but only one archetypal pattern is dominant and the rest significantly influence the uniqueness of the archetypal manifestation and serve as important companions and supporters at life's turning points. Together, we will bring to light, through embodiment, what are the fundamental differences in the mode of action and behavior of these female archetypes.

Embodiment of creative archetypes

Artist, Scribe, Poet, Networker (communicator), Gossip, Athlete, Visionary, Pioneer, Dilettante and Engineer

Communication is a way of understanding and getting to know each other. It is a system of exchange of symbols and information. Movement also, is a way of communication.Non-verbal, bodily communication in which the flow of energy is exchanged with the environment or partner. Dance is the space between invitation and reception, where communication is initiated by itself. To truly understand the people around us, we need to listen to them. Listening, however, occurs when we are passively active and read, “scan” and feel our partner's world, his suggestions, intention, needs and actions.What to do when communication is not clear, when we do not know what and how we would like to express ourselves? It is best then to stay still, connect with ourselves through the breath and just sharpen our senses… and clear communication will come again. Back to simplicity, then. There's nothing more to do. It's the same with dance. It takes some time to understand what is happening in the partner's body, mind, emotions ... what the partner wants and needs. Embodying archetypes is one way of practicing alertness and understanding through non-verbal communication with a partner.In this workshop we will get acquainted with the creative archetypes, to which communication is the basic motivation for creative activity: artist, scribe, poet, networker (communicator) and gossip.

The difference between people is their use of these senses; most people do not know anything about the inner senses, while some people rely on them to the same extent as they rely on their physical senses. Creativity comes from sharpening these inner senses.In this workshop we will learn about the creative archetypes of the athlete, visionary, pioneer, dilettante and engineer who embody the masters of the senses.We will explore the impact of visuals on movement and dance, and experience the emotional states triggered by touch - I feel myself!We will recognize and tune in with the melody of our own, partner and group bodies, and play with the internal rhythms, acoustic vs. electronic body - I know myself!We will also smell and taste the sweetness, acidity, bitterness and salinity of the movement - viva la vida!

Embodiment of Wisdom Archetypes

Mystic, Teacher, Student, Guide, Mentor, Seeker, Hermit, Alchemist, Storyteller, Judge and Mediator

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” - Aristotle

Embodiment of Divine Archetypes

Monk, Nun, Exorcist, Shaman, Priest, Martyr, Samaritan, Missionary, Angel, God, Messiah

Do you believe in fairy creatures? Elves, dwarves, good fairies etc. Creatures that have special powers, an unusual way of living and a very special earthly and heavenly mission. They guide us in this world, sometimes second-guessing our choices, and perhaps they don’t even exist. But this is not the point.

The power of human imagination has always been creating, connecting and paying a specially dedicated attention to the world, which is beyond our possible daily perception. The common dimension of divine archetypes embodied in this workshop is a special relationship to the sacred, the cosmic, the divine and the heavenly. How can we embody the archetypes of a monk, nun, exorcist, shaman, priest, martyr, samaritan, missionary, angel , the god and the messiah? You may find that those archetypes are ancient and have nothing to do with today's modern lifestyles. But the fact is, that these behavioral patterns are deeply anchored in our cellular memory and carry within us the particular wisdom that we all crave, so let us surprise ourselves and explore together what kind of dance they are inviting us to perform.

Embodiment of Action Archetypes

Hero, Bully, Gambler, Rebel, Destroyer, Detective, Midas, Slave, Liberator, Advocate, Avenger

What connects hero, bully, gambler, rebel, destroyer and detective archetype? Strong will and courage, explosiveness, strong intuition, instinctive response, ability to observe .... and a truly active male principle, the yang, which motivates action aimed at achieving results. You will embody archetypes that reflect the extreme duality of our perceptions of reality. The archetypes that take fate into their own hands and create reality by their active responses to given life situations. Archetypes driven by inner motivation for greed, arrogance, surrendering their own fate in foreign hands, the desire for total freedom, extreme compassion, advocating for justice and balancing wrongdoings with acts of revenge.

Embodiment of Healing Archetypes

Healer, Rescuer, Servant, Caregiver and Companion

“I think that healing has to do with becoming whole. It has to do with integration, which has to do with acknowledging aspects of your physical, emotional, and artistic self and being able to apply what you have learned to your everyday life. That is healing.” Anna Halprin

One of the benefits of dancing is an increased sense of vitality---an awakening and renewal of one’s life energy.

Studies have shown that dance interventions by trained professionals can decrease depression, improve mood, and strengthen positive feelings about one’s self. Embodiment of healing archetypes of healer, rescuer, servant, caregiver and companion will flow in a direction that is very much about the mobilization and exchange of energy, and the creative, expressive process in which you will learn to move in ways that are authentic to how you are feeling and experiencing a given moment.

We’ll use dance forms and structures to modify them for release of tension and for helping you become comfortable in moving. We will also use healing sounds, music, rhythm instruments, foot stomping, hand-clapping, or laughter and all kinds of vocalizing to express our innermost emotional blockades.

Dance is movement, and movement is essentially a process of ongoing change. Moving with one’s whole body, with and against gravity, one learns to both yield and resist, to feel one’s strength and to feel one’s vulnerability, to try on new qualities of action and behavior. This is what it means to be fully human.

Dance-based methods for getting grounded, for sensing the body’s energy and position, and for developing breath support can help with learning to pay attention to one’s own needs, and for feeling more in control, and for regulating fearful or angry reactions.

As dancers know, dancing and moving rhythmically with other people creates a powerful sense of “togetherness” and unity that helps transforming negative experiences into healing.

Analysis of personal Archetypal Journal

Have you noticed in yourself that in different periods of life, as well as in different psychological and emotional states, you understand a certain text differently? When re-reading, sometimes you are exposed to something you have not been paying attention to before, or see the content in a whole new light. That is why it is important, especially when choosing your personal archetypes,that you understandtheir characteristics and the possible dimensions of their manifestation clearly.

It is very common to choose, identify and rely on first impressions and associations or mass interpretation of the archetypal energies, which is far from being its overall appearance. Each archetype is also reflected in each individual in a unique way, and we have a strong tendency to choose the archetypes we like (what we want to be) rather than those that really reflect our psychological dynamics. Therefore, these workshops are intended to collectively read and brainstorm any ambiguities in understanding the dynamics of the chosen archetypes and to re-question your selection with an additional questionnaire.

Ritual of Casting Archetypes into personal Astrological Chart

We co-create a personal ritual just for you (song, ritual dance, meditation ..) to support your chosen personal archetypes. We then cast these archetypes in the houses of your natal astrological chart. Houses represent different domains in your life and the placement of each archetype in a specific house reveals even deeper insight into indentifying your Sacred Contract.

Embodiment of archetypes in astrological houses

You will embody and dance out your personal archetype in the context of the astrological house (area of ​​life) where it will land during the ritual. We also associate the personal archetype with the sign in which the house is placed and the planet that reigns in it. The set of all these symbols opens the gates to new insights, broadens our understanding of the motivational and psychological dynamics and brings us closer to understanding of our deeper spiritual mission.

  • Embodiment of Archetypes in 1. Fire House
  • Embodiment of Archetypes in 2.Earth House and 4. Water House
  • Embodiment of Archetypes in 3. Air House and 9. Fire House
  • Embodiment of Archetypes in 5.Fire House and 11. Air House
  • Embodiment of Archetypes in 6. Earth House
  • Embodiment of Archetypes in 7. Air House in 8. Water House
  • Embodiment of Archetypes in 10.Earth House
  • Embodiment of Archetypes in 12.Water House

This is how I embodied my own Sacred Contract, my personal 12 archetypes of Artist, Judge, Saboteur, Athlete, Victim, Aphrodite, Student, Mentor, Child, Prostitute, Explorer and Outsider.

optional : Embodiment of GREEK GODS AND GODESSES

optional : Embodiment of POWER ANIMALS

**single sessions can be tailored according to your needs

**recommendation: we work once per week in 3 hours slots to get the best results

With Sandra, dance became less about an impressive performance for approval and accolades and more about drawing out creative, expressive and emotional movements from a deep dark well within myself. The intention was to tap deep into my own source and bring out as many characters I play everyday without consciously recognizing it. So we worked with the 12 sun signs and 12 related archetypes. I danced in trance like movements as I journeyed through various archetypes- •as a vampire- sucking out all energy from the surroundings to sustain. •as a rebel- breaking the stereotype not to disgrace it but to admit only those elements that served my need. •as a hermit- in need for isolation and withdrawal from society. •as a knight - battling fiercely to rescue and protect the princess within. •as a seductress - seducing and attracting lifeless objects in the most non sexual manner. •as a child (child magical) - forever awestruck by the myriad of sights,sounds, smells and tastes around it. Each cell bursting with life, star gazing bathing in glitter in all it's innocence and just being blissfully joyful about anything and everything. I danced my heart out, everything flowing out naturally and organically. Then came the card "The Lover" and I was asked to describe myself as a person in love.

Rhea Naomi Aranha

Professional Engineer & Dancer India

I went on and on, effortlessly, with how much I have loved or can love another person without holding back, with all the burning intensity, with all my strength- every nerve and sinew. Once I was finished with my little speech, with a warm smile she said, "okay then, take a good look at yourself and love yourself like you just described loving another. Then dance." I began looking at myself, very very closely. And that moment I felt the most vulnerable. I could see everything I hated about myself that I kept locked and hidden for years. Each scar and bruise I looked at and felt with my fingers turned into sinister grins from those same old dark inner demons. They were grinning at me - "hey there, you're back. Remember us? Remember what we did when you thought no one was looking, when no one was around?" I was fixated on my faults and I froze. I couldn't dance. I didn't know how to. It was as though I had never danced before, all my life. I just stood there, staring at the floor, crying bitterly. It was chaotic. It was turbulent. But it ended with making love to and making peace with those demons. We worked for 2 hours a day for almost a week. It was fun, terrifying,at times frustrating but overall exhilarating. I started out feeling like an empty desert land- barren and parched; but finished off feeling full of resources as though I had found a hidden magical spring that always overflowed with water serving a multitude of purposes and existences - a reason for thriving life.

Rhea Naomi Aranha

Professional Engineer & Dancer India


If you are to participate in these programs , it should NOT be confused with professional therapy or counseling for specific conditions in your personal or professional life. As a participant, you shall agree to be mindful and personally responsible for your own well-being during the sessions and consultations and if needed, to seek professional & licensed medical treatment in your state/country. We do not provide medical, therapy, or psychotherapy services.

What we do is to facilitate conditions and space for your personal growth and teach you to perceive and learn seeing your life from symbolical and archetypal perspective.