A pre-recorded online course with life-time access for seekers and life explorers
3 Modules
1 : 1 coaching

Discover and awaken your hidden creative potentials, allow deep emotional release through movement and freely self-express with spacious body and empowered imagination.



This is a process where you meet yourself, your personality, your way of acting and get insights on how you are behaving in different roles. Beautiful insight into yourself through breathing, body and intuitive leading.

Andreja T. Luneja, teacher and writer

It was fun, terrifying,at times frustrating but overall exhilarating. I started out feeling like an empty desert land- barren and parched; but finished off feeling full of resources as though I had found a hidden magical spring that always overflowed with water serving a multitude of purposes and existences - a reason for thriving life.

Rhea Naomi Aranha - dancer and engineer

I find that the greatest value of this program lies in the use of dance that really comes across archetypes. In this way, everything has  touched me in more and more personal way. A unique and easier way to internalize and remember than if you just stuck your head in the paper. 

Nana Žargicreative entrepreneur, designer and hypnotherapist

Mehnaz Farhad

Data Researcher, Canada
It is different from any courses or programs that I have taken so far, so I had to keep an open mind. When I was learning about the Hera archetype, I loved the part of “I want you here, because of that” . Sometimes I can laugh like a crazy woman, like the Excerpts from the performance Dancing Myths in the Persephone module. And it makes me feel powerful to embrace the goddess Persephone through such a simple exercise. I experienced more energy from the pranayama practice, and felt that my need for safety is valid from doing the Hestia meditation. I think whenever I am feeling unsafe I am inclined to invoke Hestia in me. 

Rose M. Garcia

Archetype Consultant, USA
I will say that your program was a good exploration of my body. I was able to enhance the confidence level in movement. Which is why I would’ve enjoyed doing more movements workshops with instructors to continue that flow of confidence.  I think I’m ready to do live/in person classes. I enjoyed all the dances and the exercises you provided.


Certified Dance Alchemy Teacher

Certified Archetypal Consultant by CMED Institute (Caroline Myss Educational Institute), 2020

Acknowledgment by Arts Research Institute of Georgia, 2019 

Sandra Anais has approved her astounding qualities as a dancer, performer and workshop facilitator in frame of Gurdjieff Conference Tbilisi in Georgia in October 2019. We grant her Recognition for her outstanding performance. Sandra Anais has also shared with us her lecture titled Dancing Archetypes - Uncovering Yourself and this text will be published at the conference volume by Cambridge Press during 2020.

Dance Your Intelligence - Scholarly Award Certificate by WOW Bali, 2017

In recognition of an excellent kinesthetic performance through the language of dance, promoting Sustainable and Regenerative Development for Personal, Organisational and Community Wellness and classification as a means of research translations

I am really passionate about facilitating space for deep self-expression and self-healing through movement & archetypal dance and reminding you how to feel free and comfortable in your body. I love turning dance into exploration and combine different areas with each other and I like to make it a relaxed, playful and spontaneous experience even for people who are not close to it. I support you at clarifying your inner dialogue through archetype embodiment and I love helping you find symbolical meaning for your life experiences, which allows you to align with your purpose. I’m offering support in becoming more self-reliant and seek deeper understanding about life choices you made. Your body is a spring of underlying, sometimes dormant and sometimes vivid creative potentials that can be unlocked and weaved as threads for stepping into more empowered and present you. I love working with imagination, symbolic systems, with metaphors, with archetypal and mythic narratives and doing this through the arts of movement and dance is truly inspiring! 



You have a very good capability to emphatise with others and you know clearly how to structure the workshop, so that people are not overwhelmed but at the same time not bored. You provide your personal experiences and implement that into your work. You successfully integrated archetypes with movement, which is a very unique practice and makes a person  bring into awareness unconscious blockages and release them. Through body, people also bring into awareness their potentials and can develop them. Through reflection you give in oral or written form, participants can bring into awareness everything.You give enough space to decide if someone will use a new strategy and change something, regardless uncomfortable feelings. Your approach is very similar to gestalt, so you are a natural talent for psychotherapy. Your program was very satisfying and i felt very confident afterwards. It also revealed my dormant potentials and helped me develop them. 

Rosanda Meškocreative entrepreneur, tantric masseuse at Magdala

Quite a few of these AHA moments were stringed while doing this program. I see that I don't lack ideas, but it's hard to get them - I give birth to the world. I look ugly at Aphrodite, who creates everything so easily, and I understand my anger at her. This light-hearted attitude of hers would come in handy for me too. Hera is not very close to me, with her unconditional love for Zeus. It’s interesting how I recognize Greek Goddesses in the real people I have around me and see where we get stuck in our relationships. All aspects are mine, I live everything, each of the Goddesses has a place in me, Hestia burns the fire of purification and opens space for new possibilities, Athena seeks formal knowledge, walks to university, learns to live in this world of rules and likes structure, Demeter spends the days in the garden, talks to the Wind, rustling in the treetops, soaks naked in the flowing River, lets the fish caress her body, sits on a stump and watches the squirrels play, and fights wildly to keep her piece of green paradise clean and non-toxic. Artemis responds when special knowledge is required, such as from experience not written in letters and words. Which we recognize in dance, body movement, touch ...

Nataša Dominko - Industrialization and changes coordinator at MAHLE