Awaken Your
Goddess Frequency
& Simply R.O.A.R!

  • 3 months group or 1:1 coaching

  • 7 archetypal dance sessions (zoom or live)+ pre-recorded online program with lifetime access for executive women who need to R.O.A.R!

  • inspired by Jean Shinoda Bolen's: Goddesses in Everywoman

Discover how to awaken to your expressive, intuitive and confident self, gently transcending overwhelm & liberating yourself from the past ties to shift into a deep inner trust in tune with your natural goddesses frequency.

Are you loosing your feminine touch and you wish to invite in more space for the voice of your heart?

Imagine yourself being overwhelmed with feelings of confidence and gratitude for having such an expressive and intuitive body that is supporting you in making your own steps and choices that fills you with just enough steam and passion to feel whole again.

Liberated from inhibitions and self-shaming judgments, you slowly start feeling soft, spontaneous and tender again.

You’re stepping in such a deep self-reliance and trust, stemming from your honest, free and authentic expression of who you are, that your fears of rejection and being turned down are gently and slowly dissolving as what others think of you, becomes irrelevant.

Are you doubting that this can be you?

If so, this is the opportunity for you to start creating the container in which you’ll have plenty of time and energy to explore the wisdom of movement & body in a playful and fun way and implement it in your life and job.

Your insights will start arising from deep listening to the messages of you body & under the surface of your skin.

You’ll learn to forgive and relax your body as your self-talk will start liberating you from past conditioning and take you on intuitive journey, where embodying the natural goddess frequency with flow and comfort of being in your own skin, will come with ease.

I’m passionate for validating you in your transformation of gently befriending your body and becoming your own lover, as you step to the forefront and start being seen for your variety and versatility!

I’ll support you in enjoying life and being in its purest essence as being watched becomes comfortable to you and being visible in the world starts showing up as your natural asset.

Imagine yourself being fully scented with the flavours of Goddess energy, pouring from you in every aspect of your private and working life and simply R.O.A.R!

R - elease past conditioning

O -wn your emotional variety

A - llow constant changes within you

R - eveal you deepest desires with ease

If anything from above resonates with you and you’re looking for someone, who can support you on this path, then ∆ ∆ We should talk. ∆ ∆

Simply go here to find a time slot to talk to me and I’ll offer you a FREE Dancing Conversation Call, where we’ll create a SoulMap that will take you there, with no strings attached:

Love & Light, Sandra ♡


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Contribution: 15 eur

  • 5. October, 17.00 -19.30 / Honoring Hestia

  • 30.November, 17.00 -19.30 / Honoring Persephone

  • 4. January, 17.00 -19.30 / Honoring Demeter

  • 1.February , 17.00 -19.30 / Honoring Hera

  • 8.March, 17.00 -19.30 / Honoring Athena

  • 5. April, 17.00 -19.30 / Honoring Artemis

  • 6. June, 17.00-19.30 / Honoring Aphrodite

  • HONOURING GREEK GODDESS PERSEPHONE, Guardian and queen of the underworld;
    Embodiment and dance of inner Mystic,

    Marriage & Commitment
    Embodiment and dance of inner dedication

  • HONOURING GREEK GODDESS ATHENA, Guardian of wisdom and handcrafts;
    Embodiment and dance of inner Warrior

  • HONOURING GREEK GODDESS ARTEMIS, Guardian of Hunt, Moon and Focus;
    Embodiment and ecstatic dance of Wild Woman within

    Embodiment and dance of creative alchemy for vital sensuality and
    joie de vivre

    Guardian of
    Children, Nurturing,
    Farming and Grain

    Embodiment and dance
    for self-care and self-love

HESTIA, the goddess of hearts and temples
will take care of the
eternally lit inner fire,
the meditative
and the decoration
of the altars.

Bring with you playfulness,
respect, dignity, curiosity
and a desire for an open
exchange of views and knowledge.

Welcome all of you, who’d like to express yourself creatively
through body, voice and artwork!


Dancing experience or knowledge of archetypes is not required.
All you need is comfortable clothes, a bottle of water and playful curiosity

With these sessions we'll be honouring, exploring and focusing attention to our most in-depth essence as divine women. We will welcome a journey through landscapes of our inner Goddesses.

In 3 months journey we will explore parts of our psyche which are ruled by archetypes of Athena, Persephone, Artemis, Aphrodite, Hera and Demeter. In one archetype we will recognise ourselves more, in other perhaps less, but we carry inside all six of them.

Through dance we will invite them to express in their full capacity and receive their gifts and challenges. We will enter into ritual experience and connect with each other, our own bodies and bow to the magic, that Goddesses hold.

With embodiment of their powers, through which our journey will lead us, their aspects will rise from unconscious depths and will furthermore assist us in navigating our daily life.

So you are invited to be enchanted by the goddesses and to invoke within their whispering voices that may be still dormant and overlooked or to strengthen their aspects that you already recognise within as your glowing talents!

We will first bow to Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld, she will ignite mysticism in us and we will honour her maturity and power to claim what we truly want. Hera, the Goddess of Marriage, will ignite powerful source for joy and pain in our personalities and we will join her in dance of our inner devotion.

Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and Craft, that governs rational thinking and practical solutions, will help us to assist in situations, where we need to develop strategies in the midst of emotional storms. Artemis, Goddess of Hunt and of the Moon, will assist us in recognising our independent feminine spirit and explore our wild nature.

Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty, will leads us through embodiment and dance of creative alchemy for preservation of vital sensuality and celebration of life. And last but not least, Demeter, Goddess of Grain, Nurturer and Mother, will motivate us to bring about nurturing aspect of ourselves.


ONLINE PROGRAM + 7 women circles (live or zoom): 777

Collect your women friends and join this immersive journey!

  • pre-recorded course with life time access

  • 2 women circles per month / 3 months (all together 7 sessions)

***you will receive access to the online program electronically upon registration

OTHER OPTIONS : 1:1 coaching upon request


Dancing experience or knowledge of archetypes is not required. All you need is comfortable clothes, a bottle of water and playful curiosity.

All sessions will be recorded, so in case you miss one, it'll be waiting for you in a private group portal or be delivered to you by email.


  • MODULE 1 : Awaken confident self

  • Gently transcend overwhelm & liberate yourself from the past ties


  • to learn conscious breathing in movement to transcend your emotional overwhelm

  • to identify unconscious patterns that condition you and tie you to your past and release them

  • to gently shift into spontaneous, self-loving and soft inner lover , queen, warriorese and magician

  • to receive guidance and coaching through live Q&A zoom sessions with me, where we can workshop together

  • MODULE 2 : Awaken expressive self

  • Shift into self-reliant inner trust

  • Tune in with the deeper messages of your body


  • to gently let go of control and befriend your body-

  • to create inner emotional sanctuary

  • to deeply explore the wisdom of your body and learn to trust it fully

  • to release shame and self-judgment around body and become spontaneous, playful and relaxed when dancing

  • to liberate from other people’s expectations

  • to receive guidance and coaching through live Q&A zoom sessions with me, where we can workshop together

  • MODULE 3: Awaken intuitive self

  • Tune in with your natural goddess frequency


  • to overcome your stiff, hard, repressed or limited


  • to empower your feminine essence and cultivate deep self-worth

  • to accept constant changes within you and deepen feelings of being whole

  • to honour full spectrum of your all coloured emotions in totality

  • to ROAR (Reveal, Own, Allow & Release.)

  • to receive guidance and coaching through live Q&A zoom sessions with me, where we can workshop together

When I read how beautiful and spiritually rich meetings Sandra prepares for you in connection with dance and the archetypes of Greek goddesses, I was able to propose to her what is now becoming a reality. I myself have been lecturing for almost decades about art and culture and the beliefs of ancient cultures, so I feel the Greek and goddesses of other ancient civilizations to the bone. Now, after a new decade of mission, knowledge and experience in aromatherapy, this gave me a logical and conscious idea, what would it be like if, with the art of making natural pure ~ fume, which I feel with my whole body, soul and heart, I create aroma that would embody the qualities of a certain goddess, while at the same time bringing a "healing'' aspect to all the challenges that this goddess faces. Or in other words, because we all carry parts of each Greek goddess in us, only that some of them are more or sometimes less pronounced, with Small Daily Rituals we can support ourselves with "trapped" aroma of a goddess that we feel most at the moment and naturally help support the healing processes within us. This is how my "Aromas of Goddesses ~ Natural PureFume Line'' was created, created just for your gatherings. I can't wait for you to experience them and report back to me about everything they bring to your life.

Sandra will include them in her workshops for a fragrant addition to her work and for your deeper experience. At the first meeting, I will gratefully give you a sample of this precious created aroma for Persephone. Bottles of Aromas of Goddesses ~ Natural PureFume Line will always be available at the workshops, which you can take home in exchange for your contribution to the creation of the divine formula.

With love, Maja Čebašek ~ Small Daily Rituals

Contribution for 3ml bottle of Aromas of Goddesses Pure-Fume is 26,40 eur You can order it on:


Guardian and Queen of the Underworld

Embodiment and dance of inner Mystic

The Greek goddess Persephone, often associated with innocent virginity, is best known in her mature aspect as the Queen of the Underworld, as with her extraordinary imagination, deep feeling and strong perception, she knows how to guide others who are just coming into contact with their unconscious for the first time.

We will embody her, paint ourselves and talk about her shadowy and bright aspects of sub-archetypal expressions: she as eternal, divine and innocent girl, as a healer, as eternal student, poet, companion, destroyer, artist, storyteller, guide and mystic. We will pay tribute to her exceptional abilities of mediation, vivid imagination, mystical perception, subtle perception of other worlds, empathy and sensitive receptivity.

“Something powerful happens when a woman gives up her intuition and surrenders to completely embrace and heal her wounds. She loses her innocence, but regains her wilderness. She must trust that Mother Nature will offer her space for her descent, and she must gather her weeping tears to create a healing potion from them. She has to accept the invitation of a lonely inner wolf and risk being an “outsider” for a while. It is the teaching of “La Selva Subterranea,” “Descending Persephone,” or “Innana’s confrontation with her own shadowsInitiation into the underworld, in other words, accepting the passing, and circling of all things around her. Understanding the life-death-life cycle means accepting our inner shadows, our dark aspects, our terrifying inner demons. The process of cultivation begins with awareness. We tailor and assign our deep sense of the meaning of life. We are ready.

Paraphrased by Clarissa Pinkola Estes


Guardian of Sacred Marriage & Commitment

Embodiment and dance of inner dedication

The Greek goddess Hera is best known for her unstoppable anger and agitated relationship with the promiscuous husband Zeus. Few, however, know that she is exceptional in her dedication, loyalty, and commitment to preserving family and the sanctity of marriage. We will dance to bow to her extraordinary sense of loyalty, gracefulness, authoritarian and elegant feminine power, and in the mirror of her projections, which she angrily paints on the scattered Aphrodites, we will see and embody her challenges: feasibility and the transformation of her painful shame into creativity. We will use the sacred clay to awaken the touch and use it as inspiration for the dance. We will pay tribute to her exceptional abilities of perseverance, dedication, precision and graceful feminine strength.

"New insights were born within me with your explanation of individual Goddess traits, related to the archetypes and behaviour of each goddess. I recognised my behavioural patterns in many Goddesses and got a good explanation and connection to why it works that way. Through the explanation of the properties of Goddesses I realised that these characteristics are somehow predetermined by the birth of inner Goddess. The most interesting thing for me is, that we can transcend these patterns and call in another Goddess when we want:) I recommend Embodying of Greek Goddesses Workshop to every woman to recognise her female qualities and to get to know the dormant goddesses, to if necessary, activate them. In this way, woman can get to know each other better and see how many possibilities still exist on our path and how simple it is to be what we want and to attract into our lives what we desire to enrich our lives on all levels."

Lucija Poličnik, participant

HONOURING GREEK GODDESS ATHENA, Guardian of wisdom and handcrafts

Embodiment and dance of inner Warrior

The Greek goddess Athena, often associated with leadership, militancy, strategy, wisdom, and an extremely active intellectual mind, is best known as a lover of the city, education, and handicraft skills.

We will dance her fighting spirit with the embodiment of an inner warrior. We will talk about her bright aspects, briefly skim through some of her mythological stories to inspire ourselves for dance, and above all embody her challenges of growing up too quickly into mature woman, through awakening and embodying the spontaneity of her dormant inner child. The bold and fearless Athena, can also nurture and awaken her connection to the depths of wisdom through engaging and tuning deeply with her body, by cultivating her sensuality, tenderness and sensational experiencing and thus approach to her “lost” mother by nourishing the feminine soft and tender approach to leadership.

We will pay tribute to her exceptional ability of keeping a sober head in critical situations, her ability to distance herself from emotions, and her independent strength.

"It was wonderful.The ambience is magical, the lighting effects perfectly ordered (moon - beauty) along with the weather, not to mention the animals at all. The big ones have a nice sound effect, and the small ones touch us as kindness therapy ..What did the Goddesses do with me and me with them:

My intention was for each to contribute what I need at this current time. I didn’t focus on the individual ones because I didn't feel that way.

I had some cleaning today. Maybe they did a good job ...And Sandra, I tell you that this facilitating job is written on your skin. I had a great time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the whole team for being unique.
Mateja Velikonja, participant


Guardian of Hunt, Moon and Focus

Embodiment and ecstatic dance of Wild Woman within

The Greek goddess Artemis, often associated with independent spirit, hunting, feminism, and lunar cycles, is best known as a lover of wilderness, nature, competitive challenges and sisterhood.

We will embody her wild aspects and talk about her bright aspects, briefly skim through some of her mythological stories, and above all dance her challenges through the embodiment of her power animals to look closely at her sub-archetypal expressions: Artemis as a child of nature, as an "annoying teenage - tomboy", explorer of undiscovered and hidden natural corners in search of "remote and untrodden paths." She is a public speaker, voice giver and advocate for abused women and children, leader of women's rights movements, organiser of women's circles, mentor (especially to adolescents), lifeguard, doula, athlete, warrior and activist.

We will pay tribute to her exceptional abilities of supporting the voiceless, to her pure and virgin independence and her focused vision and to her pioneering and extremely subjectively valued work.

"Of all things in life, I miss dancing the most, free, with carefully chosen music and in good company. Sandra, what a courage, we need this work more than we realize. I find it great that you have highlighted the sub-aspects. At my age, I can say that I have experienced and transcended the workings of all seven selected archetypes - aspects of myself that we can see as the seven goddesses because I have a full, intense life. The old Wise Woman is waiting for me, which I am preparing for. With all respect. Last night seemed to me the right measure of presentation and practice. To allow ourselves playfulness and insight.Designing altars is a very nice gesture. It is too precious to me to have met young, beautiful women; each with its own story and presence.Sincerity, beauty and vulnerability. Circle of support and contact with earth and sky, elements. Voice. Confidence in the workings of femininity, because somehow you know that everyone will take care of something. Seeing a danced out body, Sandra, is a particularly beautiful experience. Thank you!"

Ljoba Jenče

artist, singer and a collector of Slovenian folk songs

Guardian of Love & Beauty

Embodiment and dance of creative alchemy for vital sensuality and joie de vivre

The Greek goddess Aphrodite, femme fatale, femme inspiratrice and the alchemical goddess of beauty, sensuality and love, best known for her unconventional life and numerous love affairs, has been reduced by the modern world to a clichéd “sex” symbol.

In the Greek pantheon, however, she was much more than that, an indispensable inspiration for artistic creation and an extremely talented and intuitive connoisseur of sensuality and emotional relationships.

We will dance to bow to her extraordinary sensuality and talk about her bright aspects, briefly skim through some mythological stories, and above all embody her challenges, which are presented in the myth of Psyche, where she has been delivered a series of tests for the development of her masculine qualities. We will call in an eagle, ants, cave dragons and river deities to help and support us on this immersive journey. We will pay tribute to her exceptional abilities of alchemical creation, her hedonistic attitude to life, her magnetic joie de vivre, her connecting spirit in relationships, and her liberal & light approach to love.

More about: PSYCHE MYTH

HONOURING GREEK GODDESS DEMETER, Guardian of Children, Nurturing, Farming and Grain

Embodiment and dance for self-care and self-love

The Greek goddess Demeter, often associated with the proto - archetype of “Mother Nature (mother of us all),” although this domain belongs to the even older Greek goddess Gaia, is best known as the goddess of grain, nurturing, and motherhood, giving children (and sometimes also adults) nurturing with her exceptional sense and responsiveness to emotional, psychological and spiritual needs. She is also less known for her wider social role in the divine pantheon, as a spiritual guide to the mysterious world of mysteries and as a protector of handicapped children, an advocate of women's rights and an environmentalist who strengthens and encourages agriculture and nature.

We will talk about her shady and bright aspects of her sub-archetypal manifestations of: girl, companion, caregiver and healer; messiah and angel; the divine child and the child of nature; storyteller, networker, seeker and guide; artist and advocate.

We will pay tribute to her exceptional generosity, mighty stubbornness, patience, and innate sense of preserving the existing life.

We will therefore honour the Earth and the supportive life principle of practicality, fertility and growth. We will bring into awareness what seeds we have planted and what we are reaping as a result.

"Quite a few of these AHA moments were stringed while listening, and then at home. I see that I don't lack ideas, but it's hard to get them - I give birth to the world. I look ugly at Aphrodite, who creates everything so easily, and I understand my anger at her. This light-hearted attitude of hers would come in handy for me too. Hera is not very close to me, with her unconditional love for Zeus. It’s interesting how I recognize Greek Goddesses in the real people I have around me and see where we get stuck in our relationships. All aspects are mine, I live everything, each of the Goddesses has a place in me, Hestia burns the fire of purification and opens space for new possibilities, Athena seeks formal knowledge, walks to university, learns to live in this world of rules and likes structure, Demeter spends the days in the garden, talks to the Wind, rustling in the treetops, soaks naked in the flowing River, lets the fish caress her body, sits on a stump and watches the squirrels play, and fights wildly to keep her piece of green paradise clean and non-toxic. Artemis responds when special knowledge is required, such as from experience not written in letters and words. Which we recognize in dance, body movement, touch ... which in a way just fall into us, as if an ancient record is awakened in the cells. Persephone teaches me about shadows, about my underworld, those sides of myself that the world / I do not accept that are “dark and gloomy”. I’m glad she dives into these abysses in cyclical rhythms, and pulls everything repressed into the light out of them. Aphrodite and Hera are a little foreign to me, so I tried to embody them with dance. But I see that an additional dance class will be needed. We’ll see what else Persephone brings from the cold tunnels of the underworld. A job in the hardcore industry, experience and everything else trained me to look at things very rationally, intellectually, I count everything. I leave very, very little space for the voice of the heart. It’s like living in two worlds, one where Athens is the only and main one, the other where everyone else is dancing. And if I wanted something for myself, it was for everyone else to have more time, more of my attention, and more opportunities to express themselves in the world. Sandra thank you for your presentation, for your presence, for the dance.Thank you, really from the heart."

Nataša Dominko, participant


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