Rose M. Garcia

Archetype Consultant, USA
I will say that your program was a good exploration of my body. I was able to enhance the confidence level in movement. Which is why I would’ve enjoyed doing more movements workshops with instructors to continue that flow of confidence.  I think I’m ready to do live/in person classes. I enjoyed all the dances and the exercises you provided.

James Mweu

Yoga teacher, Kenia

Dear Sandra, I acknowledge you to be an inspiration to me , my practice and my life. In your classes, in your lessons, you guided me back to the core of Dance, Love and Beauty of movement. Thank you for being a power to re- awaken. A rebirth. I love you, I love life!

James Mweu - yoga teacher, Nairobi - Kenia 2014

Hilde Ingeborg Sandvold

Dancer & Artist, Norway

I was not fully present all the time, not necessarily in a peak with my imagination and ability to share it. However, in the end, I learned a lot. For me personally it turned out to be a great gift. Especially the last few days, twisting my ancle, having the experiences in the little village, my perspective changed. I re-remembered my love for dancing. I re-experienced the moment. Coming back to Copenhagen, I have been thinking a lot about how we structure our lives, what makes sense and not. I also came back to a Copenhagen with a newly elected blue blue government. Neo-liberalism is taking over, even here in Scandinavia. It makes me question very basic things, and in a way it is confusing. What is the point if there is not the will to share/support? And many other questions and reflections, to go into them would make the e-mail many pages long. However, my point was that I believe very much that our society has a need for people like you who work hard to bring things back to basics and share that. Thank you for that.

Saša Starovojtov

Aikido instructor, Slovenia

After 20 years of focus in martial arts my body started to demand something different and the path brought me to the Archetype embodiment workshop where I was enabled for the first time to listen to myself and start journey inward. Thanks to Sandra's guidance and warmheartedness I had an amazing experience in beautiful Slovenian countryside. Looking forward to continue working with Archetypes and dance my head off. 

Thank you Sandra and all lovely participants!

Awards, acknowledgements, publications

Certified Archetypal Consultant by CMED Institute (Caroline Myss Educational Institute), 2020

Sandra Anais has completed the Sacred Contracts program and has met all the academic requirements set forth by the CMED (Caroline Myss Education***) Institute to qualify as an Archetypal Consultant

Certified Traditional Balinese Body Scrub an Wrap Therapist

Graduated in 2022 by Reeva International Spa School

Acknowledgment by Arts Research Institute of Georgia, 2019  

Sandra Anais has approved her astounding qualities as a dancer, performer and workshop facilitator in frame of Gurdjieff Conference Tbilisi in Georgia in October 2019. We grant her Recognition for her outstanding performance. Sandra Anais has also shared with us her lecture titled Dancing Archetypes - Uncovering Yourself and this text will be published at the conference volume by Cambridge Press during 2020.

Dance Your Intelligence - Scholarly Award Certificate by WOW Bali, 2017

In recognition of an excellent kinesthetic performance through the language of dance, promoting Sustainable and Regenerative Development for Personal, Organizational and Community Wellness and classification as a means of research translations.

BA Cultural Studies - University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2008

BA Thesis: Astrology in Contemporary Western World, mentor: doc.dr. Aleš Črnič, http://dk.fdv.uni-lj.si/diplomska/pdfs/dorem-sandra.pdf

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