Archetype wheel

A guided journey into finding your personal 12 archetypes and creating your personal archetype wheel
inspired by Caroline Myss's Sacred Contracts

Are you a curious Soul Seeker, an adventurous Life explorer, an open-minded Alternative Healer, a passionate Body facilitator or a driven Creator? 

These programs are tailored for those with a versatile mind, who are deeply passionate about their creative pursuits, but may lack the confidence to turn their passion into a soul-driven lifestyle. If you are spiritually inclined and have a social and community-oriented affinity, a periodic loner-hermit with unconventional and rebellious tendencies, and yearn to be fully self-expressed and emotionally released, then these programs are for you.

The Archetypal Sanctuary is an extensive 8-month self-exploration program for receiving deep insight into your behavioral patterns influencing your motivations and life decisions. 

The course is taking place ONLINE and includes embodiment and dancing of archetypes in astrological houses, journal writing and dream recording. 

During the program, you will start by familiarizing yourself with basic survival archetypes that represent the foundation of our collective psyche and help us find strength in challenging situations. From there, you will excavate and discover eight personal archetypes that will complete a circle of 12 archetypes cast in the wheel of natal astrological houses, following Caroline Myss's method, revealing your Sacred Contracts.

Sacred Contracts 

Unlock the mysteries of your existence with the keys hidden within your 12 personal archetypes. These enigmatic symbols hold the answers to life's greatest questions:

To identify your Sacred Contract means to find where is your inner treasure. Sacred

Contracts are your learning opportunities - teaching you how to navigate illusions and power dynamics with people, places, and things. Think of them as a soul contract, a roadmap that you have already agreed upon before entering this world

It is best to perceive Sacred Contracts as a range of agreements upon lessons/assignments we need to learn in this lifetime. 


Guided journey into finding your personal 12 archetypes

More than 70 hour program of discovering archetypes - patterns of power, their expression and dynamics for self-actualization body seekers (movement explorers, creative entrepreneurs, artists, facilitators and alternative therapists)

Why Join?

and authentic self-expression

more meaningful life journey

By participating in this program, you will tap into your inner creative potential, gain a better understanding of yourself, and unlock the secrets to living a more fulfilling life. 

Let us guide you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and

empowerment through the arts of archetype embodiment, movement and dance.


Designing Personal “SoulMap”  for genuine self-explorers who’d like to try new things

Individual dance-movement meetings that take you on a journey of casting your own individual archetypal wheel. 

Unique 50h program tailored according to your needs, that offers in-depth insight into yourself and raise awareness of your core behavioral patterns that drive your life.

Why invest in this program?

• To gain deeper insight into the challenges you face and uncover your unique talents and abilities

• To gain powerful tools for extensive self-exploration and better understanding of the obstacles that may be holding you back in certain areas of your life

• To receive a comprehensive report on your life potentials and barriers, and gain awareness of your current prevailing archetype (myth) that influences your life choices

• To embody written information through movement lessons, allowing you to internalize the material and experience it in a more profound way.

• To gain direct embodied experience and a greater understanding of psychological processes through movement

To learn & understand what are Sacred Contracts go to FAQ

complete, depending on your prior knowledge of archetypes and commitment level. However, with a dedication of 3-5 hours per week, you could see results in just 3 months.

For all, who already worked with me individually or within 3-days workshops, I offer 20% discount on all packages and programs

If you feel that the journey into the world of archetypes at this moment for you is irresistible, that this work can really help you along the path of self-realization, and only your financial situation is an obstacle for you, write to me so we can find a solution together.


I realized a new dimension of personal perception of this sacred world around us. It was the first time I systematically went into exploring my personality traits in a very useful way and I think I now have an immediate“soul” map that I can turn to in the moment when I need orientation. For the most part, I find that the greatest value of your program lies in the use of dance that really comes across archetypes. In this way, everything has  touched me in more and more personal way. A unique and easier way to internalize and remember than if you just stuck your head in the paper.

 Nana Žargi, designer 

To learn more about what is an Archetype, what are Sacred Contracts, who is Caroline Myss and why we need Embodiment of Archetypes please check out our FAQ section. 

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We kindly request that you take

note of the following:

Our programs are not a substitute for professional therapy or counseling for specific conditions in your personal or professional life. By participating, you agree to take

responsibility for your own well-being during sessions and consultations, and to seek licensed medical treatment in your state/country if necessary.

We do not provide medical, therapy, or psychotherapy services. Our role is to create a supportive environment for personal growth and guide you in perceiving and understanding your life from a symbolic and archetypal perspective.