My story

The most effective learning and true happiness comes from establishing true bonds with people from different cultures, by getting in touch with different lifestyles and developing acceptance of self and others.

My name is Sandra Anais. Dance and arts were my great passions from childhood. I spent more than 20 years dancing, performing and experimenting with all sorts of techniques and styles until I found dance Improvisation as an open form of “here and now” that gives me a way of instant self-expression.

I am active as a Archetype Consultant, dancer, facilitator of embodiment of archetypes workshops and organizer of artistic events, currently exploring the moving practices of different cultures, embodiment of ideas and emotions, site-specific performative practices and nomadism in relation with urban rituals, New Age practices and creation of urban communities / tribes.

My teaching methods are synthesis of mindful movement approaches to dance techniques ranging from modern and contemporary dance to contact and theatre improvisation and I am also a Certified Dance Alchemy Teacher. My practice also integrates active Osho Kundalini & Dynamic Meditation into my programs.

My approach to dance and applying it into everyday life will guide you in a way, that you will most likely be able to express introverted aspects of yourself. By translating emotions into movement you will learn to cherish yourself and feel more confident to trust your body intelligence. In my sessions you will be able to express your authentic moving self through direct and honest communication, sense of humor and acute sensitivity to fragile aspects of your character.

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Last 6 years I dedicated to archetype embodiment theory and practice. I experimented with different groups of people: professional dancers, choreographers, actors, movement therapists, martial artists, psychologists and movement enthusiasts. These processes led me to create several dance performances and facilitate many workshops worldwide.

For the last few years I have been intensively studying archetypes with Caroline Myss and her Sacred Contracts online course and I am a Certified Archetypal Consultant by CMED (Caroline Myss Education) Institute and I am implementing this knowledge into my movement, dance and artistic practice.