Deeper relations

3 day retreat for couples

Regain deeper relations

For a while, "turn off" the world around you - this is the moment for you and your partner!

An unforgettable retreat that leads to increased playfulness and intimacy in a partnership. You will be introduced to subtle non-verbal communication and playful physical contact, exploring the deeper side of your relationship, while discovering fun spontaneity and excitement that can hardly be expressed.

Dance background not required! Private VIP retreat available upon request

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VIDEO TUTORIAL: Deeper Relations, Session#1 - Open your senses and dive into your passionate Lover

Are you ready to gently awaken your passionate loving self and dive into alerted state of deep & compassionate listening of yours and your partner's needs? How passionately present is your inner Lover?

FULL VIDEO CONTENT: Exercise Nr.1: Creating a sacred space by setting up an altar and singing to OxumExercise Nr.2: Loving yourself first - Warming up by gentle self-massageExercise Nr.3: Warm up with extensive breathing & empowering the qi (female-water, masculine-fire)Exercise Nr.4: Trust: Creating one space,one body, clear communication, follow and letting goExercise Nr.5: Trust: Playground for opening the senses: smell, touch, taste, hearExercise Nr.6: Trust: Developing your own small dance by integrating all the sensationsExercise Nr.7: Trust: Permission to enter the holy space of other - Spine awakeningExercise Nr.8: Trust: Establishing playful and sensual duet

GET A FULL VERSION (1h50minutes, with 8 exercises)

Get a different perspective on your relationship & learn to navigate it through ARCHETYPAL LENSES.

We'll “dance” you through various stages in your relationship that are represented by embodiment of :






Price: 396 €

Price includes:

    • accommodation and 3 meals per day

    • 3 sessions of Deeper relations

    • mindful movement session leading to a free dance

    • sound bath

    • blind dinner followed by sensual blind dance

During the retreat you will only dance with your partner.

Dancing background is not required.

Private VIP retreat available upon request

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We'll uncover cosmic archetypal energies on disposal by going through deep meditative ritual and then we'll use imagination to dialogue with archetypes through playful storytelling, movement & contact dance exploration and bring them alive by dressing them into costumes, decorating them with fragrances and inviting them to a party!

  • 2021

  • Early Bird application 3 weeks prior the start - 30 %

Dance background not required!



"....Back from a beautiful immersion in Nature, simple community living, back to the earth, to the waters sweet salty that nurture cleans and energizes our dancing bodies, water falls streams rivers sea rain tears , back to the earth and its whispering voices, awakening our instinct and wisdom. Trust, co-creating and collaborating with a beautiful group of explorers , celebrating green silent breathing forests and fire horses singing voices spinning souls in stillness and in motion windy rocks and changing landscapes, unveiling manifesting diving deep the dance of Maya and recognition ,whirling longing of freedom and transformation, sacrifices and archetypes smiling beyond and within - expanded -nurtured - inspired

I thank you all

Greatful to be able to dance this inspiring life "

Irene Sposetti

Choreographer, artist & dancer, Italy


Following retreats are available only upon request for closed groups, minimum 8 participants.

Imagine Yourself moving in your body and dancing in near presence of horses, bare feet, playing on soft sand in an open air riding area and deepening your creative potentials... Eating healthy vegetarian food, taken directly from organic garden just in front of your eyes, surrounded with pristine nature just a few minutes walk away from the venue...Perhaps sleeping in the hayloft, just by the herd, deeply sensing their spirit....Embracing the silence within, spending nights looking into the stars above, having enlightening conversations by the fire …And exploring yourself through archetypes , astrology & movement.

What a wonderful gift for spending creative time with your friends!

By the end of this retreat, through an artful combination of Ayurveda and exploring archetypes through improvisational dance, you will have de-stressed from city life, learned to trust your body's innate intelligence, and gained all the knowledge and skills you need to find authentic self expression and deep self-realisation.

Open Your Hearth to sLOVEnia Tour’ will take you to the most magical places of this hidden gem of Europe. The fairytale beauty of this tiny land will blow you away. Throughout the tour we will replenish our energy at special places in nature, we will dance in presence of horses, walk, meditate, use sounds for healing… in varied ways broaden our state of consciousness and explore ourselves.

This Journey is a dance celebration. It is traveling and discovering your inner - self, relationships with people, nature, culture and society. It is not a place for expectations. It is a place of surprise, wondering, gratitude and being totally open for new experiences within a temporary established community. It is about questioning your friendships, identity, spirituality in relation to improvisation of every day habits. Building up a camp. Helping in kitchen. Being compassionate in critical situations. Sharing. Accepting the gifts of nature and putting them in advantage to your needs. Opportunity for listening and clarifying. Being fragile and show that in front of others. Finding out what is sacred to you.

Dear Goran and Sandra!

Just the desire to thank you again.I know very well how challenging it was to move what you moved. I know that you know that you did it beautifully even though could be different and more rewarding to you. I wish you go on living-moving like that: trusting and putting your heart in beautiful creations like this Journey, your kids, the simple days in your house, your dances and classes and arts etc etc. And might sacred abundance bless you!!!My great motivation was to match all the heart you brought in action doing my best.It was a nurturing and transformative time to me.See you!!! ;)

Hugo Leonardo Silva, Choreographer, lecturer & dancer, Brazil 2015

Oh, feels like journey is still going on, so many beautiful photos, memories!... I feel so grateful for those, not many, but intense, amazing days, that I have spent with you, guys... First of all I feel deep admiration to Sandra Anais and Goran Bogdanovski, who manifested this vision... I was observing them in the process of preparation for this project, putting together so much work and joy to bring us all together, bunch of amazing, crazy people... to express our creativity, to make deep connections, to sense nature, to create our dramas and had the opportunities to face them and heal...It was a precious time and for me it brings out also lots of inspiration for future... how more of this visionary approach can be done .. connecting creativity, art, nature, spirit and people, who are willing to go deeper, to feel deeper... enjoying life and being responsible in the same time... Love to each and everyone... Thank you. And hope to see you again. Thank you, my dear secred friend Arya O'Sulli Gonzalez for these beautiful photos with beloved friends from our neighbourhood

Waking up with horses on my birthday, what a gift

dr. Romana Ercegovič, Slovenia, 2015

In exactly 15 days I will meet back our lively students and also welcome the new ones. I love growing up together with you. With this thought it also comes another one: I am gifted since I am surrounded of amazing people. I feel extremely grateful to have amazing work colleagues, the ones I share laughs and «stress» at the teachers room. I am also grateful because MUSIC exists. I am grateful because thanks to her I can fill up my lifestory. Grateful because thanks to love for MUSIC and DANCE I therefore met my superboss Joe Rusi, who encouraged me to travel and experience a Dance Journey during this summer 2015. And of course, grateful to my new Fico dance family. Thank you to Goran Bogdanovski and Sandra Anais for believing, for creating the Fico Ballet. After more than 20 years dancing, my meaning of the word MOVEMENT has reached a higher spectrum. Most of this pictures are not mine, but borrowed. I decided to share some of them with all of you, since it would be unfair to keep hidden all these moments of beauty. Music and dance as a big and pure family

Arya O’Sulli Gonzales, dance teacher, Spain


If you are to participate in these programs , it should NOT be confused with professional therapy or counseling for specific conditions in your personal or professional life. As a participant, you shall agree to be mindful and personally responsible for your own well-being during the sessions and consultations and if needed, to seek professional & licensed medical treatment in your state/country. We do not provide medical, therapy, or psychotherapy services.

What we do is to facilitate conditions and space for your personal growth and teach you to perceive and learn seeing your life from symbolical and archetypal perspective.