Sensual Woman

A Ritual & Women Circle for Nurturing Female Essence

The sensual woman is a one-day healing ritual for reviving, nurturing and preserving the sensual female essence.

The ritual encourages the journey to inner silence and to open the senses with morning meditation in homage to the invisible forces of nature and by gently awakening the body with sound meditation and breathing warm-up exercises that prepare our body for a sensually intuitive dance.

After the dance, there will be time for contemplation in nature, where we will also connect through touch and dedicate ourselves to nurturing our skin using 100% organic herbs prepared in the traditional Balinese way.

The ritual intuitive dance will purify us, strengthen our vitality, connect us with feeling, ground us and heal our hearts. We will deepen the presence and feeling of the present moment.

Nurturing the feminine essence takes us to a state of inner peace, contentment and harmony.


Morning /10-14.30

-Opening circle with altar preparation

- A ceremony of Balinese offerings and prayers in homage to nature

- A conversation about the spiritual language of our inner goddesses

- Indian meditation to restore inner balance

- Dynamic breathing warm-up exercises leading to ritual intuitive dance and the embodiment of the inner goddesses with sound gong meditation

Lunch,rest and contemplation in nature

Afternoon / 18-21h

- Exfoliation and skin care ritual: traditional Javanese Lulur and Balinese Boreh with sonic gong meditation

-Group session by the fire and reading from tarot cards

Photo taken from the Balinese Fusion Dance class and Ritual-Art class taught by @allegra.ceccarelliPhotographer: @marinaarruda_fotografia


Javanese Lulur

An ancient beauty and healing treatment that contains turmeric,

sandalwood and tamarind seeds and was also used

by princesses to soften the skin and increase its radiance.

Balinese Boreh

Among other things, it contains the bark of the sacred tree,

cinnamon and ginger and is traditionally used in Bali to

relieve muscle pain, warm the body and relieve symptoms of colds, frostbite.

It has a similar effect as tiger balm.

Photo taken from the Balinese Fusion Dance class and Ritual-Art class taught by @allegra.ceccarelliPhotographer: @marinaarruda_fotografia.

Sandra Anais

I am a mother, dancer, researcher of life and

different cultures and a certified archetypal consultant

according to the CMED

(Caroline Myss Education) method

and a certified therapist for traditional Balinese peeling and skin care. I have also created two online programs:

Archetypal Sanctuary and Awaken Goddess Frequency.

Spela Lael Cvetko

is a long-time sound therapist, artist and mentor in

several areas of creative creation for adults and youth.

On the home, family estate called Cvetkoland,

she designs events of special experiences


*reservation with non-refundable advance payment: 25eur

Lunch: 4 EUR

DATE: June 25, 2022

LOCATION: Cvetkoland, Arja vas 45, Petrovce


* Massage and care will be performed in pairs in the manner of a workshop, so that you will be able to use it yourself after * a donation of 7 euros is desirable for reading from the cards; interpreted by Špela Lael Cvetko* you will receive instructions for the route upon registration, for booking a place you need to contribute 20EUR non-refundable deposit