Befriend your Body

3 days self-care & self-compassion retreat

"Every woman has “goddess-given” gifts to learn about and accept gratefully. Every woman also has goddess - given liabilities, which she must recognise and surrender in order to change." Jean Shinoda BolenGoddesses in Everywoman

Are you hungry to explore your body's underneath messages?

And ready to journey far deep in it's wisdom to reignite your inner passions, desires and restore inner peace?

Then come to meet, reawaken and tune deeply with your inner Goddess.

As women, we feel a divine connection to Goddess energy deep within ourselves, but are often uncomfortable with her, keeping her in the closet, and afraid that she'll be seen by others in her fully awakened and embodied power.

This is why we secretly worship her on a fantasy level—desiring to show up more as a Goddess - but finding numerous excuses on why to shut her voice down.

We follow other people's expectations and try to please.

We specially tend to neglect her alchemic wisdom, subtle guidance, physical grace, lighthearted simplicity and soft sensuality, since these feminine traits have been falsely portrayed in advertising industry with exaggerated sexual connotations as our only remarkable assets.

This retreat is all about redefining and recovering from this false imagery that has been planted in our heads by society, by inviting in plenty time for reflection, self-nurturing and compassionate self-love.

Goddess has much more to offer than obsession with physical appearance, sexuality and sensuality.

She is the alchemy of healthy joy and pleasure.

When in her light, she alchemizes the distribution and right use of sensual energies.

She is also extremely creative, compassionate and without prejudices.

As good and attentive listener, she naturally knows how to provide a safe space for a deep emotional expression.

So why won't you take some time to cultivate these qualities within you in a supportive and nurturing circle of women?

"When a woman senses that there is a mythic dimension
to something she is undertaking,
that knowledge touches her and inspires deep creative centres in her.“
Jean Shinoda BolenGoddesses in Every Woman

To rise up and embody these attributes, we will explore 8 feminine archetypes during these 3 days :

Eternal Child

to re-awaken our playfulness & youthfulness

Alchemic Priestess

to empower our feminine essence and cultivate deep self-worth

Hedonistic Improviser

to reclaim our body temples and allow ourselves indulging in earthly pleasures

Water Fairy

to cherish present moment and practice comfort in the uncertainty of the mysteriously unknown & unseen

Romantic Lover

to deeply listen to our bodies messages & learn trusting them more

instead of being distracted by the world outside of us


to dearmour our hearts, have our energy moving again & start enjoying the love that companionship brings

Femme Fatal & Seductress

to release shame and self-judgment around body and become spontaneous, playful and relaxed when dancing

Change Maker & Creatrix

to free ourselves from toxic relationships

to rebuild & reset your boundaries & start lovingly value your work again

get in touch with your sensuality and reawaken


deepen loyalty and trust in healthy relationships and reawaken


increase playfulnes & spontaneity and reawaken


You can join this sensual & playful retreat regardless of your dance and archetype background.

Sessions are fusion of Mindful Breathing techniques, Intuitive & Contact Dance, Somatic experiencing and Archetype Embodiment

In this retreat we'll worship Goddess respectfully and explore her fountains of creativity by immersing fully into increased playful intimacy with our inner self.

I’ll walk you through archetypal dynamics and challenges that accompany the awakening of Goddess sensual power in a healthy way and guide you to unlock her alchemical creative potentials by tapping into following



Separate what is truly important and what is insignificant

  • gently let go of control, befriend your body & deeply explore it’s wisdom to resolve conflicted feelings & competing values that lie underneath

  • feel safe space within, so you can fully express your creativity and laugh like a crazy woman

  • sense more connection & emotional closeness with your self and others

  • liberate from your past childhood conditioning & practice forgiveness

  • hold your ground in a confused situation, until clarity emerges

Practice distant perspective without drama

  • safely release & transform repressed emotions to reignite inner peace & passion

  • unlearn to overreact in emotionally confusing situation

  • learn conscious breathing in movement to transcend your emotional overwhelm

  • accept constant emotional changes within you and deepen feelings of being whole

  • confront aggressiveness within you and in others in a self-loving, calm and compassionate way

  • honour your full spectrum emotions

Allow yourself being seen & acknowledged

  • allow yourself be seen by others in your variety & versatility

  • create more conscious body movements, lift up your energy levels, restore inner flow & enhance confidence in movement

  • release feelings of being taken advantage of

  • overcome your stiff, hard, repressed or limited self-expression and become more authentic & free

  • overcome blockages around being watched, being judged & looking silly when moving or dancing

Protect boundaries in close relationships

  • learning to say NO and exercising compassion

  • liberate from other people’s expectations

  • overcoming fears of rejections and being turned down & become more self-reliant

  • overcome your hypersensitivity and empathy

  • heal your exclusion wound

Are you ready to gently awaken your passionate loving self and dive into deep state of compassionate listening and acknowledgement of your needs?

This retreat is offering you time and space to increase the capacity of feeling more present in your own body and listen to the wisdom coming from it.


  • Deepened connection & sensation of yourself on physical, mental and emotional level

  • Alchemic creative flow of expression and awakened soft fluidity in your body

  • Understanding & allowance of the ever-changing flow of your emotional nature

  • Deepened trust in surrender by sharpening the vision of the bigger picture

Daily Flow

DAY#1: Romantic Lover, Hedonist Improviser & Femme Fatal

Learning what is most sacred to you and extracting the essence

  • Mindful Breathing Warm-up

  • Opening the senses and reawaken Lover, Seductress, Hedonist & irresistible Femme Fatal (embodiment & movement session)

  • Writing Journal

  • Reflective Discussion


DAY#2: Alchemic Priestess

Practicing distant perspective

  • Mindful Breathing Warm-up

  • Alchemic Priestess (embodiment & movement session)

  • Writing Journal

  • Reflective discussion

  • Clay Dance & Water Fairy swim in natural pool

DAY#3: Change Maker & Creatrix : Unfolding the Myth of Psyche

Being seen & acknowledged

  • Mindful Breathing Warm-up

  • (embodiment & movement session)

  • Reflective Discussion

  • Writing Journal


DAY#5: Aphrodite with women

  • Mindful Warm-up

  • Writing Journal

  • Reflective Discussion on jealousy

  • Eternal Child Celebration party


DAY#6: Integration and Relaxation Day

  • Mindful Warm-up

  • Free time for reflection, rest, nurturing and pampering your body-mind-spirit


  • 3 morning mindful warm-up sessions that guide you in a meditative dance

  • 3 dance-movement sessions

  • 1 guided session on how to write your Journal

  • 3 guided reflective archetype discussions

  • 1 singing session by fire

  • Clay Dance & Water Fairy swim in natural pool

About me

A dancer, Mama, Body Transformation Coach, Intuitive Dance Facilitator & Creatrix of Sacred Spaces. Dancing for more than 20 years, performing, facilitating workshops, retreats, journeys... and experimenting with different techniques and styles. My methods of teaching are fusion of different approaches, from modern to contemporary dance and from contact to theatre improvisation. For the last 7 years I am focusing on research and study of Archetypes in motion and I'm also a certified Archetype Consultant by CMED (Caroline Myss Education). I am a founder of Dance Ecology, where I'm raising awareness for personal transformation through movement & dance.


If you are to participate in these programs , it should NOT be confused with professional therapy or counseling for specific conditions in your personal or professional life. As a participant, you shall agree to be mindful and personally responsible for your own well-being during the sessions and consultations and if needed, to seek professional & licensed medical treatment in your state/country. We do not provide medical, therapy, or psychotherapy services.

What we do is to facilitate conditions and space for your personal growth and teach you to perceive and learn seeing your life from symbolical and archetypal perspective.

This retreat is for you if

  • you often happen to be distrusted by women, by gathering unwanted attraction from men

  • you are regularly involved in love triangles, the so called "Curse of Love” that manifests as:

  • a little tendency to love someone that doesn’t want to have anything with you?

  • finding yourself in an abusive relationship?

  • or feeling driven to procreate, which comes from a desire for a man or desire for the sexual & romantic experience?

  • are absorbed in emotionally involving, versatile and intense work such as art, dance, music, teaching, therapy, editing...rather than a better-payed ones with less appeal