Archetypes in Motion


  • 12-14 February 2021, Bali - Ubud / email for more information upon location

"An archetype isn’t just about how you act. It is about how you love, the environment you find yourself in, the life you are given, the karma you carry, the history you repeat, and the contracts you have in relationships.

An archetype determines the style of introversion or extroversion.

An archetype has a much, much wider field of influence than a personality trait."

Stacey L.L. Couch

Through guided warm up and meditative dance ritual, I walk you to consciously choose and connect with 12 "human" archetypes, which will help you raise awareness of key patterns of power in play - regarding your momentarily most important issue in your life.

Supported by flowing mindfulness, created within a group, we’ll then surrender to archetypal energies and use various improvisational tools to activate our inner depths that will enable non-verbal communication through movement, expression of emotions and group games.

Workshops lead to collective improvised dance event, in which each participant is encouraged to express dynamics of archetypes in his own particular way of moving & playing - individually, in pairs and within a group.

Archetype sessions made me feel more confident and it feels great to discover something new about myself. Thank you for your stupendous energy, which I admire immensely.

Akanksha Dev

Attakkalari student, artist - India

Welcome every-body who wants to express themselves creatively through the body, music, dance and group dynamics!

Dancing background is not prerequisite.

Pre-registration required. Inbox me for more information.

You”ll need comfortable clothes, bare foot, a bottle of water and yoga mat.

When registering, write down who you are, how old you are, why you are interested in the embodiment of archetypes and what are your expectations (what do you want to get, learn...). Provide your exact date, year, place and hour of birth as well.

Sandra's unique practice and gentle guidance allowed me to dive deeper into the essence. The medium and the way of combining them helped me opening a new dimension in dance.

Alexey Dmitrenko

Professional dancer - Russia

Get 10% Christmas Discount and reserve your place before December 25th!

The place where workshops will be held offers a kitchen a well, so we can cook &prepare lunch together.

Bring your favorite ingredients, as well as snacks and drinks that will support your body & energy during the workshops.



* personal interpretations are extra charged and can be arranged after the workshop ( for the 50% discount - 40 eur/ session) for participants of this workshop

WHERE: email me for more information

WHEN:Tuesday 4th February - Thursday 6th February 2020

1st Day


Short introduction of workshop. Expectations, fears, challenges....Meeting Circle.

10.00 - 13.00 SACRED RITUAL

Formulating the intention/ question on which you’ll work and conscious choice of 12 archetypes that will help you bring into awareness power patterns in play (regarding your issue). Ritual of casting your chart - placing archetypes into your astrological houses.

13.00 - 18.00 Lunch and chill out

18.00 - 19.10 Embodiment and dance of archetypes in 1st HOUSE - fire

19.10 - 21.10 Embodiment and dance of archetypes in 3rd HOUSE - air

2nd Day

8.00 - 9.00 Guided warm up and meditation in movement

9.00 - 11.00 Embodiment and dance of archetypes in 2nd HOUSE - earth

11.00 - 12.30 Embodiment and dance of archetypes in 4th HOUSE - water

12.30 - 14.00 Embodiment and dance of archetypes in 5th HOUSE - fire and 11th HOUSE- air

14.00 - 18.00 Lunch and chill out

18.00 - 19.30 Embodiment and dance of archetypes in 7th HOUSE - air

3rd Day

9.00 - 10.00 Guided warm up and meditation in movement

10.00. - 11.00 Embodiment and dance of archetypes in 8th house - water

11.00 - 13.00 Embodiment and dance of archetypes in 6th house - earth

13.00 - 15.00 Lunch

15.00 - 17.00 Embodiment and dance of archetypes in 9th house - fire

17.00 - 18.00 Embodiment and dance of archetypes in 10th house - earth

18.00 -20.00 Embodiment and dance of archetypes in 12th house -water

20.00 -21.00 Final Sharing

"....Back from a beautiful immersion in Nature, simple community living, back to the earth, to the waters sweet salty that nurture cleans and energizes our dancing bodies, water falls streams rivers sea rain tears , back to the earth and its whispering voices, awakening our instinct and wisdom. Trust, co-creating and collaborating with a beautiful group of explorers , celebrating green silent breathing forests and fire horses singing voices spinning souls in stillness and in motion windy rocks and changing landscapes, unveiling manifesting diving deep the dance of Maya and recognition ,whirling longing of freedom and transformation, sacrifices and archetypes smiling beyond and within - expanded -nurtured - inspired

I thank you all

Greatful to be able to dance this inspiring life "

Irene Sposetti

Choreographer, artist & dancer, Italy


We can understand and interpret archetypes with our mind (left brain). But working through body - movement - can bring us to more holistic experience, deeper understanding. Recognizing archetypes within yourself demands alertness and attention.

To bring them into awareness and embodiment demands training. When we work with embodiment of archetypes, we somehow unravel complex and difficult features of our natures. When we dance our archetypes, we recognize our weaknesses, habits and automated movements. In this way we better understand them and navigate more smoothly through their dynamics.

Sandra did a very good job in preparing me for the challenges of the year 2016 with her astro charts interpretation in the surroundings of the incredible beautiful nature of Bali. As she had predicted my main focus this year is really very much on my professional development. Very helpful was her advise to accept that my most creative moments strike me like flashes and I always should be prepared with paper and pen to document thoughts and ideas coming up in such moments…

Thanks so much Sandra for your empathetic consultation


Bali 2016


  • *for 23 hours of dancing and exploring archetypes / travel costs, accommodation & food are not included
  • Covid -19 discount: 226 €

If you feel that the journey into the world of archetypes at this moment for you is irresistible, that this work can really help you along the path of self-realization, and only your financial situation is an obstacle for you, write to me so we can find a solution together.




If you are to participate in these programs , it should NOT be confused with professional therapy or counseling for specific conditions in your personal or professional life. As a participant, you shall agree to be mindful and personally responsible for your own well-being during the sessions and consultations and if needed, to seek professional & licensed medical treatment in your state/country. We do not provide medical, therapy, or psychotherapy services.

What we do is to facilitate conditions and space for your personal growth and teach you to perceive and learn seeing your life from symbolical and archetypal perspective.

To learn more about what is an Archetype, what are Sacred Contracts, who is Caroline Myss and why we need Embodiment of Archetypes please check out our FAQ section.