Balinese Traditional Massage, Scrub & Wrap

Did you know that the skin is the largest organ in your body?

It measures almost 1.7 m2 of surface, retains 70% of body moisture and weighs 3 kg.

It protects your organs and protects you from the intrusion of dirt, both in the physical form of dirt from the atmosphere and in the invisible form of energies you feel when being in contact with other beings.

Both good and bad things seep through and she deserves your attention and nurture.

Your skin will be grateful when you remove and exfoliate unnecessary and old particles to allow her an open path to absorb new, invigorating experiences.

The body will be grateful for every healing touch that will balance your energies.

Balinese traditional healing scrubs impressed me because they use 100% organic ingredients to exfoliate (remove) old skin as well as to absorb healing ingredients to preserve, nourish, shine, soften and beautify your skin.

I’m bringing with me a special blend of herbs that will nourish your skin, naturally scent it and restore it to its original radiance.

Javanese Lulur is an ancient beauty and healing treatment that contains turmeric, sandalwood and tamarind seeds and was also used by princesses to soften the skin and to increase its radiance.

Bali Boreh contains the bark of the sacred tree, cinnamon and ginger, among other ingredients, and is traditionally used in Bali to relieve muscle pain, warm the body and relieve the symptoms of colds and frostbite. It has a similar effect as tiger balm.

Lulur, Coconut & Candle Nut

Ginger, Turmeric, Batel Leaves & Lime

Boreh, Papaya, Cucumber 

Batel Leaves, Lime & Sea Salt




*NEW: Face massage and peeling (45 min, 50 eur)

* Traditional Balinese body and face massage and peeling (75 min, 60 EUR)

* Traditional Balinese body and face massage and herbal bath scrub (100 min, 75 EUR)

*** 3 or more people on the same day and at the same location 30% discount

* According to your wishes and agreement, I will also perform the ritual at your home


When: Saturday, January 14, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m

Registration fee: 110 euros 

Level: beginners, basic level for home use

From the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep, I create. If everything else in my life is inconsistent, messy and irrational, living body art is the thing that centers and grounds me. I could list all my achievements, but instead I'll try to tell you the indescribable feeling that comes over me every time I touch a person. When I massage, time stops and I fall into the silence of the body. I start to listen to the heartbeat, my own and the client's, I start to dance with the rhythm of the skin that bends under my fingers. With the help of repeated movements, the massage oil begins to create a flow and a real meditation takes place. I have already tried a number of massages on myself: Thai, Shiatsu, Abhjanga, lymph point massage, Yumeiho, Balinese.

But Balinese always fascinates me,  again and again, because of its simplicity and ability to create a light and harmonious feeling in the body that lasts for several days.

A massage scrub with natural Lulur ingredients is a true authentic ritual that takes you to the heart of the island of the gods with imagination and it's scent. I will tell you about the deep conversations that changed my life and the connections I made that I can't say I would ever had if the arts of dance, touch and natural healing had not been in my life. I will tell you about how the creativity completely ripped me apart and sewed me back together.

The course is for you if:

- touch is close to you and you are an advocate of a healthy lifestyle and well-being.

- you would like to learn a simple relaxation massage technique and learn more about Balinese culture


8.30 - 9.00 Arrival

9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. Getting to know each other

10-12 Balinese prayer and ritual feet purification

12-12.30 Presentation of the Lulur peeling product

Lunch break

13.30 - 16.00 Basic massage techniques - Balinese traditional peeling massage with Lulur

16.00 - 17.00 Final round, feedback, evaluation

The price includes:

- ingredients for ritual of feet purification

- Coconut massage oil, 100ml

- Javanese Lulur for peeling, 100ml

- e -script with instructions

- Certificate of Attendance

Bring with you:

comfortable clothes, massage table (not a requirement for participation, but recommended), 2 massage towels, 2 large old towels that can be stained with turmeric, water heater (1 per couple, optional), wooden cabinet or bucket ( a wooden product is recommended, but it can also be plastic)

What will you learn?

-Hindu Balinese meditation

-preparation of herbal bath for ritual of feet purification

- basic principles of massage

-five main Balinese massage movements

-benefits, effects and contraindications of massage

- the course of a traditional Balinese full body massage for exfoliating the skin

- about the ingredients of Javanese Lulur - a natural product for exfoliating the skin

When registering, write:

Name, age, email, phone, massage experience


SPECIAL OFFER for women who are in transition, before you make a lifetime vow and hand over yourself to a loved one.

An excellent pre-wedding gift that you can give yourself or your future life partner.

An idea for pre-wedding pampering, which you can give as a gift to your friends who are invited to a bachelorette party.

On the island of Java, it is a ritual that promotes fertility and interconnectedness.


Can you even imagine how you would feel if someone pampered you with a healing touch for so long?

Nurturing your skin day after day and ingesting organic herbs from Bali?

Surely a gentle, feminine, soft and radiant princess, a charming lady and a benevolent queen would awaken in you.

The ritual includes an introductory Balinese meditation and prayer, which, in addition to the massage, I perform on the first day and a herbal bath on the last day of the treatment.

You can read more about the ritual here


7-day package / 360 euros / 1 free massage

10 - day package / 500 euros / 2 free massages

21 - daily package / 1000 euros / 4 free massages

40 - daily package / 2100 euros / 5 free massages

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I was happy to pamper myself a little with the wonderful Balinese scrub done by Sandra.

Her hands are magical. She used full pressure, that released my blockages while she applied some organic alchemy on my skin.

Personally, I liked the different temperatures and feelings, brought to me by scrubs.

After the treatment, my skin was very soft, moisturized and relaxed.

Sandra also does a great facial massage, it felt like in heaven.

Thank you Sandra for this beautiful gift and I hope so, that more people can experience it, who will take care of their body with something like this love alchemy.

Allegra Ceccarelli

Balinese Dance Teacher, Performer, Dancer & Cultural Advocate

Sandra has a magic hands. Her Balinese scrub and massage was so caring, present and relaxing that during the face massage I felt into a deep and rejuvenating sleep. 

And my skin that I usually I don’t care much about it was soft, nurtured and thankful. So grateful that Sandra discovered her new natural gift. 

Highly recommended

Goran Bogdanovski

Body Coach, Dance Teacher, Choreographer & Dancer

Hi Sandra, after your massage I felt that my body was releasing and expelling anything not needed. I had to cry, to blow my nose, to poop

After reflection I realized that you released the pressure on the right side of my neck and ear that has been with me for the past 2.5 years (sometimes more present, sometimes less present). I cried because I felt I didn't know how to exist without that pressure.

For me, that pressure is connected to the pressure in my academic career, I've sort of learned to live with it, even though the only use it has is to signalise that I'm pressuring myself to keep doing something I don't want to do anymore.

Nevertheless, when that pressure was gone, I felt like I lost a part of me that has been defining, and that loss released the tears. I felt relief and grief, and the space for my own redefinement. But it is scary. Thank you again for the massage, which triggered processes in me, from the body to the mind and back to the body.

Katerina Kand

Neuroscientist & Dance Teacher 

Your massage made me feel soft, nurtured and grounded. I felt the spirit of Bali in Slovenia and on my skin hours after the massage, being held by the smell of the plants and reminded of my wilderness and tenderness at the same time

Jelena Vukovič


Writer, Poet and Women Circle Facilitator